Who is Irem?

I am a computer engineer graduated from Middle East Technical University with an MSc in Game Technologies. I recently earned my MA degree in Human-Computer Interaction at Michigan State University. I am passionate about art and design, and creating innovative user interfaces and advanced experiences for people while interacting with any piece of technology.


Asking questions about unknown and contemplating on it are my favourite exercises!


Involved in many research studies and had experience in a diverse design and development projects.


Setting mind on something with endurance is the key for success to be different and unique!

Different Skill Sets

Years of Graduate Education in HCI

Years of Experience in Industry

Total HCI Related Projects

About Me

Short Summary

I am a researcher and developer interested in human-computer interaction (particularly focused on the fields of user experience, media psychology and game design). I am looking for opportunities that I can harmonize all the knowledge I gathered from my graduate studies using both my design and development skills to create more effective experiences and enjoyment for people.

My intellectual curiosity about human tendencies in interaction with technology and my passion for asking questions are what led me to pursue my graduate study in Human-Computer Interaction at MSU. Here, in Media and Information Master's program, I combined my interests of design and development and enjoyed gaining the inquisitorial and creative research skills by working on variety of studies and class projects with ingenious people. I will continue exploring better human-computer interactions to serve technology as a medium for people for better psychological and social well-being.

Totoro with super powers


My Skills

Passion for UX Research & Design & Development

I am enthusiastic about creating innovative products grounding on research to make people happy and one more step advanced.


Qualitative and Quantitative UX Research (Interview, Focus Group, User Observation, Competitive Analysis, Survey, Experimental Study, User Testing, Playtesting), Literature Review, Data Analysis (SPSS, Excel, Qualtrics, Log Files), Case Study Analysis for Social Media, Documentation & Reporting


Web Design & Development (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails, Grails, Ember.js, PostgreSQL, MySQL, PHP, RubyMine, IntelliJ IDEA), Game Design & Development (Unity3D, C#, Storyboarding), Virtual Reality (Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, aGlass), Linux, Other (C, C#, Java, Haskell, JSP, Eclipse, NetBeans, Android Studio, SDD & SRS Documentation)


Interaction Design (Affinity Diagrams, Personas, Sketching, Wireframes, Transition Diagram, Prototyping), Digital Design (Adobe Photoshop)


Project Management (Atlassian Jira, Trello, Google Apps), Research/Project Team Leadership, Student Group Leadership